Join The Creme & Chocolats Family


Be part of a business people LOVE.

Our community around our bistro have continually shown their support of our business. Come and join us and work at a place where customers love the product, and enjoy spending time at our shop.


Learn important business skills

We take our job seriously. Every new employee who walks through our door we trust to help build our business. We rely on each of those employees to take on responsibilities and skills that will be used for a life time. 


Bring joy to others

One of our main goals is to help bring friends and families come together and share a happy experience. We say "share a chocolate moment", and that doesn't just mean enjoy some of our delicious chocolate. It means share a moment together in happiness. 


Team Member


Creme & Chocolats puts a unique twist on your favorite desserts. Work at a place that brings smiles to friends and families as they enjoy a unique french influenced crepe, cone, or ice cream. We're always looking for fun and outgoing individuals that are excited to join our team and are ready to serve amazing desserts with a huge smile to every customer.