Top 6 Authentic French Desserts You'll Love

authentic french desserts

Paris, France, is known as one of the most romantic cities on the planet. It's full of dreamy aesthetics, as well as culinary delights. While it's famous for food like croissants and cheese, it's also famous for its desserts. Here are some of the top authentic French desserts you could ever sink your teeth into.

  1. Crepes: A crepe is basically a very thin pancake. The Crêpe Suzette was invented by the "king" of French chefs in 1903, Escoffier, and for the first two decades of the 1900s, crepes were considered to the ultimate in luxury authentic French desserts. Crepes can be eaten for any meal, from breakfast to dessert.

  2. Macarons: Macarons are one of the most well known authentic French desserts out there. They are basically little sandwich cookies that are very light and airy. They are traditionally made with two almond meringues filled with either jam or ganache.

  3. Eclairs: Eclairs are another famous French pastry that the people love in and out of France. They were created in the 19th century by the French Royalty's pastry chef. Eclairs are traditionally made from a choux dough which is baked and then stuffed with flavored ganache filling and topped with sweet icing.

  4. Millefeuille: These sweet desserts are known as one of the hardest French words to pronounce. The name of the dessert translates to "1,000 leaves" and it's easy to see why when you eat it. It's a rectangular layered cake, made with alternating layers of flaky puff pastry and pastry custard.

  5. Paris-Brest: Named for the classic French bicycle race between Paris and Brest in 1891, this authentic French dessert is actually shaped like a bicycle wheel. It consists of praline pastry cream sandwiched between two light and crunchy choux pastry rounds.

  6. Berthillon Ice Cream: Finally, one of the most amazing types of ice cream you can find at an ice cream parlor. The Berthillon store has been serving Parisian's favorite ice cream since 1954. They use high-quality ingredients, making their ice cream and sorbets stand out.

While our ice cream bistro may not be in Paris, we have soft ice cream and authentic French desserts that you'll love. It will make you feel like you just stepped off a plane into Paris when you walk into our ice cream shop!

Jeff Raschka