Guess who was featured on "Mouth by Southwest"?

We were recently featured in an article by MBSW titled, "MXSW Guide: 15 independent shops for ice cream & other frozen treats in the East Valley." 

In the article this is what they had to say about us. 


Crème & Chocolats

Northwest corner of Val Vista and Baseline, Mesa

If you like your soft-serve ice cream ultra-rich and covered in fine chocolate, European-inspired dessert shop Crème & Chocolats at Dana Park is your ticket to paradise. Choose from nine flavors of super-creamy soft-serve (10% butterfat instead of the typical 5% at places like Dairy Queen), then have your cone dipped in one of nine decadent Belgian chocolate sauces. Nine ice creams times nine chocolates equals 81 different combinations.


It is an honor to be featured at the top of the list on the 15 independent dessert shops to visit. Want to see why we were featured? Come on down and try our amazing product. 

Blake Rossell